It’s here! My first of many devotionals. I like to call it a WORK THROUGH. WHY? You will have to work through the truth and combat the lies. You will have to WORK THROUGH those hinderances that keep you in your own way, you will have to WORK THROUGH and confront those things that hold you back. This isn’t just a feel good devotional, this will cause you to look at yourself and decide if you want to be who God called you in its FULLNESS. I’ve been working with a few ladies for the past couple of weeks and we’ve been meeting, discussing and watching our lives change as we realize we don’t always operate in what God said about us. As for me I want to be everything He said about me! I want to have it all because it’s already promised! The only think keeping me from accessing everything attached to my name is NOT knowing it! 🔥 Can you tell I’m excited?? Click HERE to get yours today!

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Minute Motivation! 

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Key to getting unstuck. Not measuring your life against others. Here's how. Let me know what you think!

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